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Set Wise Detailed Syllabus for Class 12th / 12th Pass

Unit and Dimension Atomic Structure Logarithm
Vector and Calculus Stoichiometry - 1 Trigo Ratio
Kinematics Periodic Properties Quadratic
Constrained, NLM, Friction Chemical Eq. S & P Block
Circular, WPE Chemical Bonding Trigo Equation
Centre of Mass Block Chemistry (S-Block) Solutions of Triangle
Rotational Gasesous State Binomial
SHM Comman Name Straight Line
Waves Nomenclature Circle
Sound Wave GOC Function
Heat - 1 Stoichiometry - II ITF
Heat - 2 Isomerism Limit
Elasticity & Thermal Exp. Alkyl Halide C & D
Geometrical Optics Grignard Reagent MOD
Wave Optics Hydrocarbon Indefinate Int.
Electrostate - I Aromatic Compound Definate Int.
Electrostate - II alcohol and Ether Tangent & Normal
Gravitation Carbonyl Compound Monotonocity
Current Carboxylic acid Maxima & Minima
Capacitance Biomolecules and Polmer Diff. Eq.
Magnetism Chemical Kinetics Area under the curve
EMI Radio Activity Vector
AC Thermo Dynamics 3D
Fluid Thermo Chemistry Matrix Determinant
Modern Physics - 1 Coordination Complex No.
Modern Physics - 2 Metallurgy Probability
Surface Tension & Viscosity Block (D & F) Parabola
Errors Salt Analysis Ellipse
Solid State Hyperbola
Liquid Solutions
Ionic Eq.
Electro Chemistry
Surface Chemistry
Block P