Complete Mathematics Recorded Video Lectures (1 Year)

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Video Duration: Maths: 97 Hrs

Class 11th Maths Topics
Basic Maths, Binomial Theorem, Circle, Scottish Heinemann Maths( Definite Integration), Permutation Combination, Quadratic Equation, Mathematical Reasoning, Sequence Progression, Set Relation, Straight Line, Trigonometric-1, Trigonometric-2

Class 12th Maths Topics
3-D, Area Under Curve, Complex Number, Continuity, Definite Integration, Determinants, Differentiability, Differential Equation, Ellipse, Function, Hyperbola, Indefinite Integration, ITF, Limit, Matrix, Maxima Minima, Modulus, Monotonicity, Parabola, Probability, Tangent Normal, Vector




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