Study Material Package Complete Physics Class 11th+12th

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The Study Material covers the core concepts of a topic and has relevant illustrations which help the students understand the basics. Motion Study Material has earned the reputation of being the most up to date, when it comes to latest changes and trends in examination patterns. Exam oriented knowledge- base covering all the topics, to strengthen the fundamental concepts and develop problem – solving skills.

  • Lucid explanation of every topic via printed notes.
  • Exceptional feature of blank space for calculation after every question within the exercise sheet.
  • Precise description as per latest JEE pattern.

Extension research on various competitive exam papers and their pattern. The whole content is focused towards conceptual learning of the student for preparation of every engineering entrance exam. The unsolved questions are arranged in a way where confidence of a student is increased with easy questions in the start, brain teasers in the middle and previous year's questions at the end. This helps a student to gain a positive momentum while solving them.




1 Unit and dimensions
2 Vector and Calculus
3 Kinematics
4 Constraint, NLM and friction
5 Circular motion
6 Work, Power and Energy
7 Centre of Mass
8 Rotational Dynamics
9 Simple Harmonic Motion
10 Waves and sound waves
11 Heat-1 & 2
12 Elasticity and Thermal expansion
13 Geometrical optics
14 Wave
15 Electrostatics- 1&2
16 Gravitation
17 Current electricity
18 Capcitance
19 Magnetism
20 Electromagnetic induction
21 Alternating Current
22 Fluid
23 Modern Physics-1 & 2
24 Surface Tension and viscosity
25 Errors