Physics Study Material for NEET with Solution

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Each year thousands of medical aspirants give up on their dream to study medicine just because they do not have access to quality education to prepare for medical entrance exam. We, at Motion, believe that geographical boundaries must not be an obstruction in acquiring quality education. Thus, Motion Top pre-medical faculty design a physics study material for NEET with solution. At Motion, you cannot only lay hands at top quality video lectures by faculties who have thorough knowledge about the subject and years of experience in the field but can also have access to exclusively designed study material to provide you in-depth knowledge about each topic.  The comprehensive NEET Physics study material with solutions available here covers the entire syllabus. It includes definitions, objective solved examples, subjective solved examples and exercises for every topic to prepare you thoroughly.

It is highly recommended to opt for the NEET physics study material in addition to the online coaching. The easy-to-comprehend material available here proves to be of immense help during self-study sessions.

Physics Syllabus

 [Module: 01]

· Unit and Dimension

· Vector and Calculus

· Kinematics

· Constrained, NLM, Friction

· Circular, WPE

[Module: 02]

· Simple Harmonic Motion

· Waves

· Sound Wave

· Heat-1

· Heat-2

· Elasticity & Thermal Expansion

[Module: 03]

· Geometrical Optics

· Wave Optics

· Electrostatics - 1

· Electrostatics - 2

[Module: 04]

· Gravitation

· Current electricity

· Capacitance

· Magnetism

· Electromagnetic Induction

· Alternating Current

[Module: 05]                    

· Fluid

· Modern Physics–1

· Modern Physics–2

· Surface Tension

· Errors

Important Features of Physics Study Material

· Complete Physics study material for NEET/AIPMT exam Design by Motion Top Pre-medical faculty Team.

· Methodology directed at thorough understanding of all topics and subtopics

· Exhaustive theory with features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself

· Knowledge Builder – Provides additional helpful information in the form of practical applications, real life examples, points to remember, summarizing tables

· Did you know –Includes interesting facts, stories and information related to the topic

· Try it yourself - Offers topic-wise questions to reinforce learning

· 30,000+ questions with answer keys and over 10,000 solved examples

· Separate exercises for subjective as well as objective questions

· Complete Formula Sheet

· Summary after every chapter

· Important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters

Advantage of Motion Physics Study Material

· Easy learning: Provides graphics and illustrations to make conceptual understanding quick and simple

· Topic-wise tips: Learn quickly and profoundly with complete Physics theories covering features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself

·  Self-assessment: Know where you stand before the exam with 30,000+ questions with answer keys

·  Ample practice & revision: Strengthen your hold over important topics with more than 10,000 solved examples

·  Know your strengths and weaknesses: Gauge your knowledge and preparation level with topic-wise exercises categorized into subjective as well as objective questions

·  Problem solving assistance: Get access to complete formulae sheet for quick and easy revision of important formulae

·  Master basic concepts: Get important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters to learn and master basic yet key concepts