Physics Study Material for JEE

Physics Study Material for JEE

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Take your Physics JEE preparation to the next level with Motion Physics Study Material. Designed by Motion Top physics faculty team, Motion physics study material for JEE is a comprehensive guide to help you clear your Physics concepts and learn new ways to solve Physics problems.

Strengthen your Physics concept with topic-wise detailed theories, formula sheets, revision notes, exhaustive question bank and more - all packed inside our study material. Improve your scores in JEE Main & Advanced by revising Motion Physics study material questions picked by rank-holders from crucial topics. Also, increase your problem-solving speed & accuracy with thousands of solved examples and exercise questions.

Physics Syllabus

[Module: 01]

· Unit and Dimension

· Vector and Calculus

· Kinematics

· Constrained, NLM, Friction

· Circular, WPE

[Module: 02]

· Simple Harmonic Motion

· Waves

· Sound Wave

· Heat-1

· Heat-2

· Elasticity & Thermal Expansion

[Module: 03]

· Geometrical Optics

· Wave Optics

· Electrostatics - 1

· Electrostatics - 2

[Module: 04]


· Current electricity

· Capacitance

· Magnetism

· Electromagnetic Induction

· Alternating Current

[Module: 05]                    

· Fluid

· Modern Physics–1

· Modern Physics–2

· Surface Tension

· Errors

Important Features of Physics Study Material

· Developed by Motion Top physics faculty team.

· Comprehensive Physics study material for JEE Main & Advanced preparation.

· 5000+ solved examples and 10,000+ exercise questions with solutions.

· Six levels of exercises categorized into JEE Main & Advanced.

· 2,500+ Problems of IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams from last 35 years.

· 7 types of questions based on latest JEE pattern with questions on: Single Option Correct, Multiple Options Correct, Comprehension Based Questions, Assertion and    Reasoning, Matrix Match, Comprehension Based Matrix Match, Single Integer Type.

·  Extra module on Experimental Physics.

·  Formula Sheet for all topics, listing all important formulae and points.

·  Motion Concepts to remember the important concepts of JEE Main & Advanced.

·  Proper categorization of questions into JEE Main & Advanced.

Advantage of Motion Physics Study Material

·  Train with the best minds: Best Physics study material for JEE Main and JEE Advanced prepared by Motion Top Physics Faculty team.

·   Increase problem-solving speed & accuracy: Get rigorous practice with 5,000+ solved examples and 10,000+ exercise questions.

·   Get ample practice: Master problem-solving techniques in Physics with six levels of exercises categorized into JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

·   Solve previous year papers: Over 2,500 problems from IIT JEE and AIEEE from last 35 years with each question tagged as per the year.

·   Master important concepts: Learn faster and better with 300+ highlighted Motion Concepts including tips & tricks, notes, facts and points-to-remember.

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