Complete PCM Recorded Video Lectures (2 Year)

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Video Lectures' Duration

  • Physics: 132+ Hrs
  • Chemistry: 108+ Hrs
  • Maths: 97+ Hrs


11th Class Physics Topics
Calculus, Circular Motion, Center Of Mass, Elasticity, Heat 1, Heat 2, Kinematics, NLM And Friction, Rotational, SHM, Sound Wave, Thermal Expansion, Unit Dimension, Vector, WPE, Wave

12th Class Physics Topics
Alternating Current, Capacitor, Current Electricity, Electrostatics-1, Electrostatics-2, EMI, Error, Fluid, Geometrical Optics, Gravitation, Magnetic Effect Of Current, Modern Physics-1, Modern Physics-2, Semiconductor And Communication, Wave Optics

11th Class Chemistry Topics

Atomic Sturture, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Equilibrium, Gaseous State, GOC, Mole Concept, Name Reaction, Periodic Properties, Redox, S Block


12th Class Chemistry Topics

Alcohol, Alkane, Alkene, Alkyl Halide, Alkyne, Amine, Amino Acid, Aromatic Compound, Carbene Nitrene, Carbohydrate,Carbonyl Compound, Carboxylix Acid, Chemical Kinetics,Coordination Chemistry, D Block,Electrochemistry, Ether, Gignard Reagent, Ionic Equilibrium, Isomerism, Liquid Solution, Metallurgy,P Block, Phenol, Polymer, Radioactivity, Salt Analysis, Solid State, Surface Chemistry, Thermochemistry, Thermodynamics


11th Class Maths Topics

Basic Maths, Binomial Theorem, Circle, Scottish Heinemann Maths( Definite Integration), Permutation Combination, Quadratic Equation, Mathematical Reasoning, Sequence Progression, Set Relation, Straight Line, Trigonometric-1, Trigonometric-2


12th Class Maths Topics

3-D, Area Under Curve, Complex Number, Continuity, Definite Integration, Determinants, Differentiability, Differential Equation, Ellipse, Function, Hyperbola, Indefinite Integration, ITF, Limit, Matrix, Maxima Minima, Modulus, Monotonicity, Parabola, Probability, Tangent Normal, Vector