Complete Mathematics Recorded Video Lectures (1 Year)

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Recorded Video Lectures:

Students can avail the benefits of comprehensive coverage of the topics of JEE/NEET along with a variety of tricks & tips that will greatly assist the students in grasping the topics efficiently & effectively. The content is rigorously elaborated by the most experienced faculties of MOTION and provides the required edge over others to elevate your chances of making through JEE/NEET.
This program acts as a catalyst for motivation. It is designed to help students overcome some of the most significant challenges that are faced by students during the preparation for competitive exams.
Students can replay videos number of times which helps them in revision. Major advantage of e-learning is its accessibility.

  • Students can get education anywhere & anytime. We understand that every student has a different learning style & sometimes it is difficult to cope with pace of classroom teaching, which can lead to major backlogs. But with video content, a student can learn at his / her pace which builds confidence.
  • All the video content is completely offline.
  • We have created these videos especially for the preparation of entrance examinations.
  • MOTION is committed to train the students who are associated through our ADLP for various competitive exams in the best way possible.
  • Video Lecture Package combines the best teaching methodology with powerful visualization to give you in-depth & crystal-clear understanding of concepts. With so much syllabus to cover in limited time, Motion's ADLP guarantees best understanding of subject matter in less time, so that you can focus on other subjects


Topic Description:

Class XI th:

Basic Maths & Log
Trignometric Ratio (Trigonometric Phase-I)
Quadratic Equation
Binomial Theorem
Trignometric Equations (Trigonometric Phase-II)
Solution of Triangle (Trigonometric Phase-III)
Straight Line
Permutation & Combination
Complex Number
Set & Relation
Statistics & Reasoning

Class XII th:

Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Method of differentiation
Tangents & Normals
Maxima & Minima
Indefinite Integration
Definite Integration
Area Under the Curve
Differential equation

Validity of contents: 1 Year