Motion Edu-Tab for Target 2018 (A Complete Device for NEET Aspirants)

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The NEET/AIPMT Complete Package is a specially designed course for pre- medical entrance exam aspirants that provide high quality multimedia video lectures, complete study material, and online study material. Our study material covers comprehensive theory with illustrations, revision notes, special tips & tricks, practice questions, and solved NEET/AIPMT papers. It serves as the study material with emphasis on not just imparting theoretical concepts but also sufficient problems for practice.

 Our video lectures cover exhaustive but concise theory with proofs and detailed explanation. An intuitive and systematic approach is used to explain alternative methods of solving problems. Our Online Test Series,, provides 900+ chapter-wise tests as per the NEET/AIPMT syllabus with more than 38,000 questions for rigorous practice. Assess your strengths and limitations with in-depth topic-wise illustrations.

 Choose our NEET/AIPMT Complete Course and strengthen your NEET/AIPMT preparation.

The Winning Methodology

1. Learn:

Start you’re learning with Motion recorded video lectures & theory notes of Physics, Chemistry & Maths which provide you in depth knowledge about every topic focusing towards concepts for very strong foundation.

2. Revise:

After learning, revise each topic with exercises and see how they are solved by experts in videos. This will improve your focus & chances of selec tion in competitive exams. For revision purpose Flash Card is also a useful tool.

3. Examine:

Examine yourself on competitive exam pattern based testing platform with more than 300 tests with AIR. Students can get a clear idea of their position on a broader horizon and make timely improvements to enhance their chances of selection.

4. Analyze:

Through SPR students can analyze their weak topics, level of questions, time taken in every question in comparison with top students. This helps in planning & strategizing for further improvement in their performance.