Complete Physics Recorded Video Lectures (1 Year)

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It includes a complete coverage of all the topics of JEE along with a variety of tips and short cut methods that will greatly aid the students in quick and effective understanding of all the topics. Now get the advantage by going through the most selective content being elaborated by the most experienced faculties of MOTION and get the required edge over others to elevate your chances of making through JEE.

Class 11th Physics Topics
Calculus, Circular Motion, Center Of Mass, Elasticity, Heat 1, Heat 2, Kinematics, NLM And Friction, Rotational, SHM, Sound Wave, Thermal Expansion, Unit Dimension, Vector, WPE, Wave

Class 12th Physics Topics
Alternating Current, Capacitor, Current Electricity, Electrostatics-1, Electrostatics-2, EMI, Error, Fluid, Geometrical Optics, Gravitation, Magnetic Effect Of Current, Modern Physics-1, Modern Physics-2, Semiconductor And Communication, Wave Optics

Note: Device need to be purchased by student themselves.

Validity of contents: 1 Year