Jr. Olympiad Study Material Package For Class 6th | 7th | 8th

Jr. Olympiad Study Material Package For Class 6th | 7th | 8th

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MOTION, KOTA Olympiad Study Material is prepared by most experienced MOTION faculties which covers the entire syllabus based on State Board & NCERT curriculum.
OUR books are reasonably comprehensive, researched and developed in a self-explanatory format for students. With an aim to provide students with a wonderful academic tool to polish up their OLYMPIAD preparation that helps them to become one of the scholars, we are offering an OLYMPIAD Study Material in book format. It will be a go-ahead for the students who are placed in the vicinity where they cannot attend and afford classroom courses.
The packet includes comprehensively prepared booklets covering complete syllabus of subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, required to appear and succeed in OLYMPIAD, along with test papers of CBSE Level and practice papers of the curriculum.
The tests can be availed online or can be downloaded timely. This Programme focus on competitive examinations, Preliminary preparation of Junior Science Olympiad & also ensure excellence in school exams.
Course Medium: ENGLISH ONLY
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