Chemistry Study Material for JEE with Solution

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Chemistry Study Material for JEE with Solution covers the core concepts of a topic and has relevant illustrations which help the students understand the basics. Motion Chemistry Study Material for JEE with Solution has earned the reputation of being the most up to date, when it comes to latest changes and trends in examination patterns. Exam oriented knowledge- base covering all the topics, to strengthen the fundamental concepts and develop problem – solving skills. Lucid explanation of every topic via printed notes. Exceptional feature of blank space for calculation after every question within the exercise sheet. Precise description as per latest JEE pattern.

Extension research on various competitive exam papers and their pattern. The whole content is focused towards conceptual learning of the student for preparation of every engineering entrance exam. The unsolved questions are arranged in a way where confidence of a student is increased with easy questions in the start, brain teasers in the middle and previous year's questions at the end. This helps a student to gain a positive momentum while solving them.

Chemistry Syllabus

[Module: 01]

Atomic Structure

· Stoichiometry-I

· Periodicity In Properties

· Chemical Equilibrium

· Chemical Bonding

[Module: 02]

· S-Block

· Gaseous State

· Common Name

· Nomenclature

· Goc

· Stoichiometry - II

[Module: 03]

· Isomerism

· Alkyl Halide

· Grignard Reagent

· Hydrocarbon

· Aromatic Compound

· Alcohol And Ether

· Carbonyl Compounds

· Carboxylic Acid

[Module: 04]

· Biomolecules & Polymers

· Chemical Kinetics

· Radioactivity

· Thermodynamics

· Thermochemistry

· Coordination Compound

· Metallurgy

[Module: 05]

· D-Block Elements

· Salt Analysis

· Solid State

· Liquid Solution

· Ionic Equilibrium

· Electrochemistry

· Surface Chemistry

· P-Block Elements

Important Features of Chemistry Study Material with solution

· Complete theory created by Motion top IIT JEE faculty team.

· Methodology directed at thorough understanding of all topics and subtopics

· Exhaustive theory with features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try It Yourself

· Knowledge Builder – Provides additional helpful information in the form of practical applications, real life examples, points to remember, summarizing tables

· Did You Know – Includes interesting facts, stories and information related to the topic

· Try It Yourself – Offers topic-wise questions to reinforce learning

· 30,000+ questions with answer keys

· Over 10,000 solved examples

· Separate exercises for subjective as well as objective questions

· Complete Formula Sheet

· Summary after every chapter

· Important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters

Advantage of Chemistry Study Material with solution

· Easy learning: Provides graphics and illustrations to make conceptual understanding quick and simple.

· Topic-wise tips: Learn quickly and profoundly with complete theory covering features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try It Yourself.

· Self-assessment: Know where you stand before the exam with 30,000+ questions with answer keys.

· Ample practice & revision: Strengthen your hold over important topics with more than 10,000 solved examples.

· Know your strengths and weaknesses: Gauge your knowledge and preparation level with topic-wise exercises categorized into subjective as well as objective questions.

· Problem solving assistance: Get access to complete formulae sheet for quick and easy revision of important formulae.

· Master basic concepts: Get Important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters to learn and master basic yet key concepts.