Chemistry Study Material For JEE

Chemistry Study Material For JEE

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It’s time to take the mystery out of Chemistry JEE preparation with Motion Chemistry Study Material. Prepared by Motion Top IIT JEE Faculty, the JEE Chemistry study material is a complete guide that will help you clear your doubts from all Chemistry topics.

Our Chemistry Study Material for JEE is packed with topic-wise detailed theories, formula sheets, revision notes, exhaustive question bank and much more. This will help you clear your Chemistry concepts and enable you to solve JEE Chemistry questions in no time. With Motion Chemistry questions picked by rank-holders from crucial topics, you can improve your scores in JEE Main & Advanced.

Chemistry Syllabus

[Module: 01]

Atomic Structure

· Stoichiometry-I

· Periodicity In Properties

· Chemical Equilibrium

· Chemical Bonding

[Module: 02]

· S-Block

· Gaseous State

· Common Name

· Nomenclature

· Goc

· Stoichiometry - II

[Module: 03]

· Isomerism

· Alkyl Halide

· Grignard Reagent

· Hydrocarbon

· Aromatic Compound

· Alcohol And Ether

· Carbonyl Compounds

· Carboxylic Acid

[Module: 04]

· Biomolecules & Polymers

· Chemical Kinetics

· Radioactivity

· Thermodynamics

· Thermochemistry

· Coordination Compound

· Metallurgy

[Module: 05]

· D-Block Elements

· Salt Analysis

· Solid State

· Liquid Solution

· Ionic Equilibrium

· Electrochemistry

· Surface Chemistry

· P-Block Elements

Important Features of Chemistry Study Material

· Developed by Motion Top IIT JEE Faculty Team

· Comprehensive Chemistry study material for JEE Main & Advanced preparation

· 5000+ solved examples and 10,000+ exercise questions with solutions

· Six levels of exercises categorized into JEE Main & Advanced

· 2,500+ Problems of IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams from last 35 years

· 7 types of questions based on latest JEE pattern with questions on: Single Option Correct, Multiple Options Correct, Comprehension Based Questions, Assertion and Reasoning, Matrix Match, Comprehension Based Matrix Match, Single Integer Type

· Formula Sheet for all topics, listing all important formulae and points

· Motion Concepts to remember the important concepts of JEE Main & Advanced

· Proper categorization of questions into JEE Main & Advanced

Advantage of Chemistry Study Material

· Train with the best minds: Best Chemistry study material for JEE Main and JEE Advanced prepared by Motion Top IIT JEE Faculty

· Increase problem-solving speed & accuracy: Get rigorous practice with 5,000+ solved examples and 10,000+ exercise questions

· Get ample practice: Master problem-solving techniques in Chemistry with six levels of exercises categorized into JEE Main & JEE Advanced

· Solve previous year papers: Over 2,500 problems from IIT JEE and AIEEE from last 35 years with each question tagged as per the year

· Quick & easy revision: IIT JEE Questions picked by Motion Top faculty team from crucial topics to boost your Chemistry score

· Master important concepts: Learn faster and better with 300+ highlighted Motion Concepts including tips & tricks, notes, facts and points-to-remember

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