Biology Study Material for NEET

Biology Study Material for NEET

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Biology makes the vital difference between success and failure in all medical entrance examinations. Hence one needs to be thoroughly prepared with this subject. With NEET/AIPMT Study Material, medical aspirants can score more in Biology. Created by motion top pre-medical faculty, the study material comprises of 30,000+ questions with answer a key that helps in self-assessment and timely practice.

Not just this, students also get a complete list of important formulae and points to remember after every chapter that makes understanding simple and better. What are you waiting for? Book NEET/AIPMT Study Material and boost your preparation for all national and state-level Medical Entrance Examinations.

Biology Syllabus

Booklet-1 & Booklet-2

· Human Physiology-01

· Cell : Structure And Functions

Booklet-3 & Booklet-4

· Diversity In The Living World Morphology & Anatomy Of Flowering Plants

· Plant Physiology

Booklet-5 & Booklet-6

· Animal Kingdom & Structural Organization in Animals

· Human Physiology-02

Booklet-7 & Booklet-8

· Reproduction

· Genetics, Bio molecules & Biotechnology

Booklet-9 & Booklet-10

· Biology In Human Welfare & Evolution

· Ecology

Important Features of Biology Study Material

· Exhaustive theory with features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself

· Knowledge Builder – Provides additional helpful information in the form of practical applications, real life examples, points to remember, summarizing tables

· Did you know –Includes interesting facts, stories and information related to the topic

· Try it yourself - Offers topic-wise questions to reinforce learning

· Separate exercises for subjective as well as objective questions

· 30,000+questions with answer keys

· Over 10,000 solved examples

· Important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters

· Complete Formula Sheet

· Summary after every chapter

Advantage of Biology Study Material

· Opportunity to learn from experts: Study complete NEET/AIPMT theory from field experts as they share their tips and tricks after every chapter.

· Quick learning: Offers graphics and illustrations to make conceptual understanding quick and simple.

· Topic-wise tips: Study speedily and deeply with complete theory covering features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself.

· Self-assessment: Test your preparation standard with 30,000+ questions with answer keys.

· Thorough revision: Strengthen your hold over important topics with more than 10,000 solved examples.

· Know your strengths and weaknesses: Judge your understanding level and readiness with topic-wise exercises categorized into subjective as well as objective questions.

· Problem solving help: Get complete formulae sheet for quick revision of important formulae.

· Master basic concepts: Access important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters to learn and master basic yet key concepts.

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